Oak Harbor Web Design Process

Our Services – Oak Harbor Web Design


The first step in our process is to sit down and chat with you to find out what exactly it is you are looking for in your website.  Here aim to listen carefully and provide guidance and advice about the best way to move forward. We want for you to communicate your ideal vision where we will work with you to bring it to life.

From the outset we want to set you up for success.  We will work with you to craft your sites verbiage to achieve good google rankings for your keywords.  We will perform market research, a competitor analysis, keyword research and a content overview.


The next step is the design phase.  Now, we work with you to create a sitemap using the information taken from our discovery analysis.  The first focus is functionality. Your site should work well and be intuitive above all else.  A functioning prototype is created.  Then comes the fun part.  We collaborate to set the right tone for the site.  We review colors and images to make your site attractive. Depending on the complexity we may create a working wireframe to help you visualize.


At this stage we begin the process of hard coding your site to make it fully functional.  You will have access to a viewable and interactive version of your site.  We will make all of the WordPress configurations.  This includes html coding, CMS setup, database configuration, testing/validation, cross-browser compatibility and accessibility.  Once done, it’s time to LAUNCH!


A site is worthless if no one can find it.  Now it is time to put your online marketing plan into play.  Implementation of our research comes into play.  We will setup your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), begin your link building, social media and e-mail marketing campaigns.


To be a successful site, good maintenance is key.  Each client is provided an online ”Client Area” where we can continue to collaborate.  There you will find all files and images at your disposal.  You will also be provided with a video tutorial library demonstrating basic updating tasks on your very own site.  These videos are personalized to provide you an easy walkthrough of your most used features.

You will be provided performance reports to track the progress of your website.  Each report is customized to show the information most relevant to you.  You will have access to the underlying analytics and demographic information.